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Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling
Available by the dozen
And how popular are we! A Sparkling Strawberry Cuvee fashioned for perfect celebrations and lively surrounds. An enticing wine made through a complex blend of fresh strawberry juices, chilled to perfection, effervescent and aromatic, the first choice for pure drinking fun. Katlenburger gives us that certain tingling feeling we all know and love, enhanced, made even more exciting with everyone's favourite strawberry. Enrich your friends summery evenings, and relaxed long lazy lunches, by proposing that toast with Katlenburger Sparkling Strawberries.
Dr. Willy Demuth and wife Marie (also a doctor) founded the Katlenburger label in 1925% Together, they formulated a tonic based around natural plant extracts, including the white thorn berry Crataegus oxyacantha, naming their magic elixier Catlenburger Clostertrunk. Sparkling Strawberry in the nineteen twenties was quite a radical innovation. Over several decades, the cult following of foaming fruit beverages expanded, and today, Katlenburger are in a unique position to select the best fruit and finest base wines. The crafting of this unique and popular fizzy strawberry is done to strict and closely guarded methods, conducted through the extensive control system at the Katlenburger winemaking operations.
Beautifully bright red in colour, with a delightful effervescence, creamy pink foam, Katlenburger crackles and tingles as the tiny bubles pop and fizz. Aromas which are luscious and very pleasureable, there are characters of lemon, vanilla and red jujubes. From the first mouthful of this excitingly decadent wine come tastes of bright berries and summer fruit, slightly tropical in nature, there are elements of citrus and ripe pawpaw-like fruits. A seamless texture between the creaminess of it's pink strawberry mousse and the satin sheet-like qualities of the wine. Sweet and fruity? yes deliciously so, Katlenburger makes it easy to decide on a really great wine for strawberry-philes, who are by nature fun-loving and a little bit tipsy.

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