McWilliams Balance Brut Cuvee N.V
Balance is for people with good taste who love their wine
But Are Looking For Lower Alcohol And Lower Calorie Options A lighter more refreshing style of wine that's tuned in to today's relaxed contemporary lifestyle. An Australian first, McWilliam's Balance is the only range of wines in Australia and New Zealand to be endorsed by Weight Watchers. One 150ml glass of Balance equals only a single Weight Watchers point! With 8.5% alcohol, these full flavoured wines deliver the perfect balance you have come to expect from Australia's Most Awarded Winery.
Ornellaia DOC
Balgownie Estate Chardonnay
Mount Burrumboot Heathcote Shiraz 2005 MT BURRUMBOOT WAS GOING TO BE A LEGEND FROM THE VERY OUTSET, the inaugural vintage of this magic Shiraz claimed Gold in San Francisco. An awesome example of Heathcote, the earliest editions all showed fantastic aromas, intense fruit, and true finesse. The best Shiraz Burrumboot have made to date, a complex, robust wine with mulberry/ blackberry fighting on the palate, leather and spice hovering around the nose, framed by brilliantly integrated, lithe vanillan oak and supported by long and fine, ripe and elegant tannins.
Braided River Sauvignon Blanc MARLBOROUGH'S NATURAL ENDOWMENTS ARE BREATHTAKING TO BEHOLD, the vastness and bounty of this beautiful land stirs the imagination and yields no finer example of Sauvignon Blanc than Braided River. The principal vineyard for Braided River sits on the confluence of the mighty Wairau and Waihopai Rivers in Marlborough. Riper characters here are achieved at lower sugar levels, offering great intensity and style at moderate alcohol levels.
Shaw Smith Balhannah Vineyard Shiraz SHAW & SMITH MAKE NOTHING BUT THE BEST, exemplars exhibiting the finest balance and most exquisite elegance, always offering greater palate weight, character and charm. A low yielding vineyard at Balhannah is at the heart of Shaw & Smith, yielding the most exceptional harvest, year in and year out. Inimitably Adelaide Hills, enhanced by the rich flavours and luxuriant tannins of pampered vines. An intensely currant flavoured rendition of Shiraz, supported by pliant, licorice tannins and seasoned by curls of fragrant tradewind spice.
Centrally located in
Australia's world class Coonawarra winegrowing district, Punters Corner is a boutique estate, and proudly, home to the 2000 Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy
Coonawarra, the aboriginal word for wild honeysuckle, is the name all associate with Australia's premier table-wine district, the dry red wines are amongst the best in the world. The Coonawarra viticultural area is based on the small area of terra rosa soil stretching north from Penola for fifteen kilometres and restricted to only two to three kilometres in width. Early assessments of Coonawarra area recognised the suitability of the natural elements of the district for vine growing.
 Punters Corner

John Riddoch built the first winery at Coonawarra (now owned by Wynn's) where the first sizeable vintage was crushed and processed in 1898. While John Riddoch did not live to see his venture develop much beyond its infancy, the outstanding reputation Coonawarra wines enjoy today is owed directly to his foresight and generosity.

With a love of Coonawarra wines, David Muir and Robert Hance commenced vineyard operations in the Coonawarra 1988 with the purchase and development of sixteen hectares in the Victoria and Albert Lane, Coonawarra. This property was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Chardonnay. Armed with the knowledge that one needs excellent grapes to make excellent wine, a policy was developed to expand vineyard operations to enable Punters Corner to select grapes from various vineyards in Coonawarra.

In 1991 the sixty-four hectare Vincorp vineyard was established in northern Coonawarra and in 1992 operations were further expanded with the purchase of the twelve-hectare Punters Corner Cellar Door vineyard. In 1998 a fourth vineyard was planted in central Coonawarra. All grapes reserved for the Punters Corner label come from company vineyards. Each block of grapes is sampled and tested separately through the growing season, the most superior batches are set aside for the Punters Corner label and are picked separately at harvest.

In 1996, the colleagues at Balnaves constructed an innovative winery and engaged the services of Punters Corner talented winemaker Peter Bissell. Today, with Pete Balnaves managing the Punters Corner vineyards and Pete Bissell making the estate wines, Punters Corner are set to achieve the highest standards of viticulture and wine making techniques.

Punters Corner wines are classically Australian in style and represent the most elite batches of grapes available to the Punters Corner vineyards in any year. Punters Corner vineyards currently produce some twelve hundred and fifty tonnes of fruit per annum of which one hundred and eighty tonnes are selected to produce premium table wine under the Punters Corner label.

Chateau Reynella enjoys
an unrivalled prestige as the birthplace of South Australia's internationally renowned wine industry and home of the state's oldest operating cellar
McLaren Vale is invariably linked to names such as John McLaren, John Reynell and Thomas Hardy. McLaren was appointed as Senior Surveyor and given the task of surveying the southern districts of Adelaide. His report on the rich and extensive valley of McLaren Vale was completed three years after proclamation in 1839. His team came across a wide valley that members of the party named McLaren's Vale. "This wide valley of McLaren gave promise of much beauty and fertility!"
 Chateau Reynella

The site which was destined to become South Australia's first winemaking estate was established by John Reynell in 1838, the first family to grow wine grapes commercially in South Australia, releasing the first vintage in 1842. Reynell planted his vines south of the Onkaparinga River, at the northwest corner of the Panalatinga and Reynell Roads. This original site is still productive yielding grapes that are still processed at the original wineworks to this day. Much of Reynell's property was later broken up to form the township which bares his name.

Within ten years, Reynell became the first to export South Australian red wine. His business grew as Chateau Reynella was enjoyed around Australia and throughout the Empire. As his operations flourished and local businesses started up, more workers were attracted to the area and settled in, the beginnings of McLaren Vale. One of Reynell's employees was Thomas Hardy, founder of Hardy Wines, who moved on to establish his own business, and eventually appropriated the Reynell operations.

In 1982 Thomas Hardy and Sons, an established South Australian winemaking family, purchased the winery, upgrading the facilities and restoring the property to reflect its historic past. The company was family owned until 1992, when it merged with Berri Renmano Limited, a successful South Australian wine co-operative to become BRL Hardy. BRL Hardy enjoyed outstanding success in growing the market for Australian wine in world markets.

In 2003 Constellation Brands acquired Hardys and merged it with its own highly successful wine, beer and spirits business - a move that created the world's largest international wine business. They maintained the heritage of the Hardy name and the Australian business was renamed Hardy Wine. Today, the historic Reynell winery is headquarters of Hardys Wines, and set on twenty one picturesque hectares at the gateway to the famous McLaren Vale wine region.

The Reynell wineworks exude classic charm with their restored architecture. In keeping with John Reynell’s spirit, Hardy's drew inspiration from the estate's long heritage and made a decision to utilize the old basket presses and wax lined, open concrete fermenting tanks for the red wines, and to maintain a traditional, elegant style for the whites. Chateau Reynella are completely crafted to traditionalist vinification techniques, a tribute to the winery's founders. The premium McLaren Vale wines regularly receive international critical acclaim. Chateau Reynella was named Top 25 Wines in the World by Wine Spectator and continues to collect trophies around the Australian Wine Show circuit.

The history of
Jacob's Creek begins with the earliest settlement of South Australia
Colonel William Light, who surveyed the city of Adelaide in 1836, made his way northeast to the Barossa Valley, which he named after an English victory in the south of Spain during the recent Napoleonic Wars. Later, when William Jacob surveyed the Barossa in 1839, he and his brother John took up land in the Hundred of Moorooroo; a word derived from the aboriginal meeting of two waters The two waters involved were the North Para River and a creek, which fed into it. The creek was later named Jacob’s Creek after William Jacob. Today, the Jacob brothers small cottages still stand, overlooking Jacob's Creek.
 Jacobs Creek

In 1846 a German immigrant, Johann Gramp, purchased land further up stream. A year later he planted the Barossa Valley's first commercial vineyard, on the banks of Jacob's Creek. At the original site by the creek, which meanders through the folds of the Barossa Ranges, Johann Gramp's cellar still stands, preserving the heritage of Australia's most enduring wine enterprise.

A major catalyst for this success came in 1976, with the introduction of a striking Shiraz Cabernet Malbec from the 1973 vintage. It was named after the site of Johann Gramp's first vineyard on the banks of Jacobs Creek. The first name in the Barossa and the Orlando company's founding winemaker, the Gramps range embodies Orlando's Barossa origins and heritage.

Today, the mission for Jacobs Creek is simply to improve the quality of wines with each passing vintage. Jacob Creek's viticulturists foster best practice at every step, from the selection of the best clonal planting material to the delivery of mature grapes at harvest. Through the ongoing management of water distribution, nutrition of the vines, canopy management to protect the berries, to control of pests and microclimatic conditions, the entire team are dedicated and professional.

The focus is to produce and preserve the maximum amounts of varietal flavours with an appropriate balance of natural sugars and acidity that best suit the Jacobs Creek wine styles. This has to be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Jacobs Creek nursery has supplied vines multiple vineyard developments and contracted growers throughout Australia. These vineyards in turn have produced high quality grapes, and ultimately the best wine.

Jacob's Creek has been the most popular brand in Australia, as well as Australia's leading export brand for more than a decade, widely recognised as spearheading the country's export growth. Jacobs Creek Orlando was rewarded for its international success in 1993, named Australian Exporter of the Year - a title strongly contested by companies from all industries. More than 80% of Jacob's Creek is now enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world - making it Australia's most popular wine and Australia's Top Drop. Jacob's Creek's fresh, easy drinking style and excellent quality has been extremely popular in both Australia, and around the world. An ongoing commitment to quality has resulted in Jacob's Creek being a regular winner at wine shows in Australia and overseas. Over the years, Jacob's Creek has been awarded over a thousand medals in wine shows globally.

Dominic and Krystina
Morris are a young winemaking couple with a passion for making interesting, premium red wines
They met while working vintage in the Barossa Valley and together spent many years travelling and working consecutive vintages in Australia and Europe. It was on their regular end of vintage holiday to the beautiful Pondalowie Bay on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula that the pair made the decision to funnel their enthusiasm and experience into a vineyard and winery of their own. They chose the Bendigo region in Central Victoria and with family support set about establishing 25 acres of vineyard with grapes varieties that they were passionate about. The winery is named Pondalowie after the special place where they decided to turn their dream into reality.

Owner winemakers Dominic and Krystina Morris make an impressive winemaking team. Both bring to Pondalowie unique skills and experiences gained from their strong wine-industry backgrounds. Krystina has a degree in Oenology from Adelaide University and has worked as a winemaker in South Australia’s Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions as well as in the Alentejo and Douro regions of Portugal.

Dominic has experience in many aspects of the wine industry but found working in red wine production the most rewarding. He bolstered the knowledge gained from working in the red wine cellars of some of Australia‚Äôs long established premium wineries with vintages in France and the Alentejo and Douro wine regions of Portugal. When the Douro Valley winery he worked for, Quinta do Crasto, won ‚ÄúInternational Red Wine of the Year‚ÄĚ for their 1995 Douro Red wine, Dominic was invited to continue working for them as winemaker. He accepted and now flies three times a year to Portugal to oversee the winemaking at Quinta do Crasto and has helped them achieve their reputation as one of the leading table wine producers in Portugal.

Custom designing, establishing and hand maintaining the vineyard has allowed the Morrises to produce specific wine styles, blends and premium quality wine

Two vineyards were established at Bridgewater on Loddon, a town 40km North West of Bendigo in Central Victoria. The 10 acre property owned by Dominic’s parents was planted in 1996 using cuttings of Shiraz, Cabernet and Malbec propagated from 30 to 100 year old non-clonal vineyards known to be producing exceptional fruit. The grapes from this vineyard now contribute the principal components of the Shiraz Viognier and Cabernet Malbec wines.

In 1997 they began planting a 20 acre property using the best clones available of Shiraz, Tempranillo, Cabernet and Viognier. The grapes from this vineyard produce the Shiraz and Vineyard Blend wines, contribute Viognier to the Shiraz Viognier blend and of course produce the Tempranillo wines, the unwooded MT and, if the vintage conditions are suitable, the Special Release Tempranillo.

Co-fermentation is a winemaking technique used by Dominic and Krystina to produce their multi-varietal wines. Harvesting and then fermenting two or more grape varieties together integrates the individual varietal flavours and produces superior balance and texture in the resulting wine. This technique is used to produce the ‚ÄėVineyard Blend‚Äô, Shiraz Viognier and whenever possible the Cabernet Malbec wines. Malbec tends to ripen earlier than Cabernet so it is not always possible to co-ferment this wine.

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