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Lillet Blanc 750ml
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A highly revered aperitif, the traditional white Bordeaux cepage of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, assembled with a secret recipe of precious spirit and liqueurs, components of which are derived from parcels of rare Iberian citrus. Lillet is patiently oak barrel aged in the tradtion of the great Bordeaux Crus, seasoned with a soup├â┬žon of quinine and released to an enthusiastic league of international devotees. Rarely does it see Australian shores. It's a favourite of James Bond and should ideally be enjoyed chilled with your favourite twist, spritzer or mix.
Established 1872, Cie des Freres Lillet has been a leader in fashionable aperitif wines since the earliest days of French cafe culture and throughout the decadent years of Paris's belle epoque. Lillet Blanc is still produced and aged on the original site at Podensac in the Medoc. Stocks of Cru quality Bordeaux Blanc are fortified with a blend of spirit and liqueurs made from sweet and bitter citrus, infused with quinine and aged to maturity. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret but what is known is that the balance of elixirs varies with each vintage as the formula is attenuated to accomodate the vagaries of season and achieve a consistency of the style which has always been so central to French cafe culture.
Pale gold colour. Complex nose of citrus and herb, thistle, orange zest and pacific fruits. A richly layered palate expressing spiced oak, grapefruits and apricot, honeyed vanilla and drying citrus peel, articulated through a blend of the most prestigious white wines in the world, as treated to a doseage of piquant liqueurs. Lillet is a sophisticated marriage of refined ingredients, achieved through an artisanal elevage. There is no recipe as each edition is adapted to the unique personality of the wine.

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