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Chevalier Blanc de Blancs Brut N.V
Blended Burgundy
Available by the dozen
Established 1920 by Eugene Chevalier, who chose a location amongst the finest vineyards at the heart of southern Burgundy. Chevalier de France Blanc de Blancs starts with a selection of Chardonnay, Colombard and Ugni Blanc, from the Nuits-Saint-Georges. A delightfully fresh and delicate sparkling wine with a charming touch of fruitiness, Brut without being austere. Fruity aromas, a light body and an elegant style, the finish is lingering and clean.
Several times a week, the cellar master at Chevalier de France applies a propeller to gently swirl the fermenting batches of wine. This ensures contact with the sedimentery lees, contributing mouthfeel and infusing toasty bread characters. This process continues for several months, followed by bottling and an extended term of remuage, degorgement and reseal under Liqueur de dosage. A true methode traditionnelle crafted from the pick of Burgundian fruit.
Light golden hues, lustre and bead. Marigolds and brioche, a beautiful almondine honey fragrance. Lifted characters of creme caramel, clover, guava and mints. A palate of fresh bakery delights, marmalades and jam, more brioche, fruit danish and a a slight acid at the finish that recalls veined cheese and teal leaf.

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