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The Mayfield Vineyard at Orange in New South Wales is one of the highest and coolest vineyards in Australia

The 100 hectare estate surrounds the historic homestead on the Icely Road leading to where gold was first discovered in Australia in 1851. The original school house on the estate now serves as a Cellar Door & restaurant specialising in local produce. The cool climate and low vigour soil induces an extended, gradual ripening period which allows the grapes to develop flavour and colour that translates into elegant wines of distinction. Reliable rainfall in late winter and spring provides a good start to the season giving way to drier ripening months of February, March and April. The grapes are harvested late March to early May. Degree day summation for October to April is 1309 degrees with an average of 1856 hours of sunshine. This makes Orange one of the sunniest cool climate regions in Australia and plays a major role in producing grapes and wine of distinct fruit flavours and colour.


The region has a continentality of 15.4 degrees C ranging from cold winters to warm ( but not hot) summers. There are at least two winter months with average daily mean temperatures of less than 10 degrees C to induce the required grapevine dormancy. Proximity to 1400 metre high Mount Canobolas causes seasonal variations which add a certain character to individual vintages. The vineyard has a N-NE aspect to receive early sunshine and avoid hot afternoon sun. The absence of extreme heat at Mayfield allows grapes to ripen slowly without disturbing sugar and colour accumulation whilst acid levels fall slowly. - Mayfield

The cool climate allows grapes to ripen without heat stress and the high altitude and abundance of sunlight gives exposure to plenty of ultra violet light enhancing the ripening process. The extended ripening period develops greater intensity of colour and flavour whilst retaining natural acidity.

Mayfield Vineyard wines exhibit natural balance and finesse which makes them good subtle wines to accompany food. Mayfield's single-vineyard wines are hand crafted to achieve great complexity without a winery imprint over the natural vineyard process. The wines clearly express the unique qualities of the Mayfield Vineyard.

The Mayfield Vineyard, ultra-premium label is made from specially selected parcels of low yielding, hand picked grapes which are treated with the utmost care in the winery to express their true natural characteristics. The Icely Road range of wines is positioned at a lower price point than the Mayfield Vineyard label but is still tailored for sophisticated, refined palates.

Mayfield Vineyard was awarded 5 Stars and Best Winery of the Orange Region in the 2008 James Halliday Wine Companion. Five stars are awarded to outstanding wineries regularly producing wines of exemplary quality and typicity. This puts Mayfield Vineyard in the top 14.5% of all Australian vineyards - a fantastic result. James Halliday was the Chief Judge at the 2006 Orange Wine Show. Mayfield had great success with three gold medals, 2006 Icely Rd Riesling, 2005 Icely Road Sauvignon Blanc and the Holy Grail Mayfield Vineyard Pinot Noir. Mayfield were also awarded most successful exhibitor for the show. - Mayfield - Mayfield

Jon Reynolds, one of the first people to identify the potential of the Orange Region, provides consulting supervision. Jon is one of the most gifted and innovative winemakers in Australia with a reputation for coaxing the best wine possible from the available fruit without adversely interfering with the natural process. Jon has a close working relationship in the vineyard in determining pruning techniques, canopy and yield management to maximize quality outcomes for the various varieties.

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