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Grandin Brut 1.5L MAGNUM
In 1883, notary and wine lover Henri Grandin married Mademoiselle Pouillet de Limesle, whose family owned the cellars at La Bouvraie in the old royal glassworks of Louis XIV, situated underneath a splendid castle at Ingrandes sur Loire. In 1886, he launched the label that bears his name. Grandin remains to this day an elegant sparkling with an exceptional palate, fine bead and exquisite bouquet. An assemblage of fruit from the Loire, Bordeaux and Charentais, is treated to a natural secondary ferment in bottle for a year, within the darkness of the 17th century Grandin cellars.
Grapes are sourced from specialized vineyards in the Loire, Bordeaux and Charentais, pressed, inoculated and fermented into a dry still wine. To this base, a small quantity of drawing liquid, called Prise de mousse, is added to induce a secondary vinification. The fermenting wine is bottled and corked, encouraged by the action of waking yeasts. A second fermentation ensues under the caves of H. Grandin, hidden from light and far away from the warmth of Valley Loire. It is this ancillary ferment which fills the wine with effervescence. After a year in bottle, ageing on sediment lees, the characteristic subtlety and finesse evolves into the character and style that's known around the world as Grandin.
Grandin Piccolo 200ml
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Since 1886, Grandin have been producing the finest and most successful Vin Mousseux in all of Vallée Loire. These are France's most amiable and approachable sparkling wines, renowned for their freshness and titillating aromaticness. Crafted to full and true Methode Traditionelle, Grandin begins with a rigorous selection of fruit, before being treated to a regimen of ancient vinification techniques and a minimum twelve months under secondary ferments, building creamy texture and infusing flavour.
An attractive sparkling wine, profuse effervescence and rich straw gold color. Scents of floras and yeast, light citrus and hints of toast. A palate of juicy, flavours, delicate almond and hazelnut characters are supported by citrus fruits and buttered brioche notes. Crisp and elegant, a fully rounded palate, lingering with vitality and exquisite freshness on the finish.
It was in 1886 that Henri Grandin first launched the elegant sparkling wine that still carries his name today

Le Jardin de la France, the central Loire Valley, with its soft vistas and magnificent castles, has been home to Grandin since 1886. A lawyer, passionate about wine and married to a young woman whose family owned a vineyard in Ingrandes-sur-Loire, he was to gain notoriety rapidly, both in Paris and abroad. The Grandin range is mainly composed of sparkling wines manufactured according to traditional methods, Brut and Demi-sec, Rosé and the famous Cuvée de Réserve, Crémant de Loire and vintage Crémant de Loire Rosé (AOC).


Grandin is a brand of the Boisset company. Today, the Grandin property is still located at the château in Ingrandes-sur-Loire, with its old La Bouvraie cellars, which supply the optimum ageing conditions for the Crémant de Loire Henri Grandin. The picturesque castle and its age-old cellars produce wines of excellent quality using the purest traditional method. Thanks to its positioning as a quality product, and to the characteristic style of its wines, Grandin has an excellent reputation around the world. - Grandin

The Traditional Method, developed in the 18th century, is the method used to produce the greatest sparkling wines. After the grapes are pressed, the juice ferments, resulting in still wine that does not have any gas in it. To this basic wine a small quantity of drawing liquid is added to induce a second fermentation. After the first fermentation, the wine is bottled. The bottles are corked and, effected by the action of the yeast, the second fermentation starts in the caves of H. Grandin, away from light and heat.

The second fermentation is what causes the wine's effervescence. This stage is called the prise de mousse (effervescence taking stage) Once the fermentation is over, the corked bottles are stored for nine to twelve months. The permanent contact of the wine with the lees of the second fermentation constitutes the second stage during which the characteristic subtlety and finesse of Grandin develop.

Following this period, the bottles are laid on their side in wooden cabinets with their neck facing forwards. They are then rotated a quarter turn each day and gradually raised to a vertical position so as to allow the lees to collect on the cork. Once the deposit of lees has accumulated on the cork, the bottles are quickly opened. The deposit is pushed out by the carbonic gas in the solution, before the bottles are immediately re-corked and the wire cap attached.

After a final resting period, the bottles are labelled and made ready for release. Produced exclusively to Methode traditionelle, Grandin sparkling wine is elegant, with an exceptional bouquet and exquisite aromas. The bubbles are small, with a rich and persistent taste. The palate is enchanted by freshness, a perfect balance and long finish. Grandin sparkling wine should be served chilled, at around 6 -9 C. An ideal accompaniment to fish, shellfish and white meat, Grandin is also delicious as an aperitif. - Grandin - Grandin

Awarded Gold at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition, China Wine Spirit Competition, and Vinalies Internationales, Grandin is described by professionals as sophisticated, rich and toasty. "Spun gold and sun, healthy strokes of toasts and brioche, butter and brie and compotes of fruit, all accompanied by zesty acids and appropriate tropicality. Have your Grandin with canapes or fondue, truffle risottos and fish, it goes with everything and satisfies the most finicky palate!"

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