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Producing the best tasting, best quality organic wines for the good of our health and the environment is not a job, it is Wild Fox's passion

Established 1998 on Gawler River west of the Barossa Valley, Wild Fox vineyard has been true to the best biodynamic and organic farming practices to produce quality natural wine grapes to make award winning wines. All for the pleasure of the fine wine connoisseur and especially for those with allergies and or indifference to additives. It all began 70 years ago in the village known as Agrelopo, on the historic island of Chios Greece, where they farmed in tune with the cycles of the sun and the moon, coaxing the seasons, to achieve the ultimate nutrition in their produce from the soil, the sun and the rain. Biological farming is a phrase to describe biodynamic and organic farming. Both use innovative, non-chemical techniques for farming in harmony with the environment and providing nutrient rich, healthy soils from which healthy produce is grown.

Wild Fox

Wild Fox are sourced from grapes grown to the cleanest vineyards under true practices and guidlines of certification. The estate vineyard has been organic since 1998 and is A Grade Certified in organics and biodynamics by the Biological Farmers of Australia. Motivating factors are twofold, caring for the health of the soil and caring for the long term health and sustainability of the environment, achieved only through sustainable Organic and Biodynamic farming practices. There are many articles on the benefits of Organic and bio-dynamic farming. Certification of Organic Wines is by adherence not only to a chemical free vineyard, but also in the winemaking and bottling of the wine. The vineyard, winery and even bottling premises need to adhere to strict certification criteria. - Wild Fox

The vines are irrigated by natural water from the aquifers below, loamy soils, mediteranean style climate and natural practices formulate conditions to achieve high quality grapes. Wild Fox Wines enjoy status as one of the state's longest certifed and premium organic vineyards.

Canopies covering the hand pruned vines are managed to capture the sun's health giving rays while protecting fruit from spring and summer mildews and rusts. During the summer, vines are watered by drip irrigation from the natural underground aquifers.

Soils are cared for by growing cover crops in the mid rows to not only suppress weeds but to layer a mulch with slashing and rolling. This practice conserves moisture in the heat of the summer and also protects the activity of the soil's micro organisms. These practices have been supervised and documented by researcher, Chris Penfold of Adelaide University's Roseworthy Campus.

Grapes bursting with flavour and energy are the rewards of low yielding vines in a carefully managed natural environment. At the winery, strict documentation is followed to ensure protection of the certified product in meeting the criteria for Australian and American Organic Standards. Pristine fruit, picked at optimum ripeness is essential to the creation of Wild Fox, emerging with low sulphur levels for the comfort of those who may be sensitive even to the naturally occuring sulphur in wine. Only dedicated people will help make the Wild Fox story a successful one. All growers and staff are highly dedicated and committed to producing and promoting wines that respect, enhance and sustain our natural environment. Wild Fox are proud to make wines which are clean and pure, that taste great and carry health benefits. - Wild Fox - Wild Fox

Wild Fox have consistently achieved A Grade certification with the Biological Farmers of Australia. Their practices strive to harness nature’s balance, maximising fruit and wine quality. Wild Fox wines are vegan friendly, low sulphur levels make them receptive to the sensitive wine drinker. Wild Fox have since won 4 Star Rating in Winestate Magazine, Silver and Bronze medals in the 2010 Wines and Spirits Asia Challenge, the 2010 and 2009 Australia / New Zealand Organic Wine Shows and Best Merlot and Rosè in the 2010 New York Wine Show.

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