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Segura Viudas Aria Brut
Pened√ɬ®s Espa√ɬĪa
Available by the dozen
The Segura Viudas wineworks at Penedes date back to the 11th century. An ancient watchtower of diverse architectural styles, Gothic, Visigothic and Romanesque, it was converted circa 13th century into a stately manor for the purpose of managing local agriculture and viticulture. At the end of the 19th century, the region became self aware of it's potential and applied Methode champenoise to the local grape varieties. Aria Brut Nature is a mature wine with heady mousse, beguilling aromas and satisfyingly, cleansing finish.
From it's earliest days, the remarkable appeal of Segura Viudas drove an unprecedented demand that exhausted the limited production of the ancient tower at Penedes. Today, Aria Brut Nature is enjoyed everywhere around the globe. An assemblage of Macabeo, Xarelo-lo and Parellada grapes, inoculated to unique strains of yeast which have developed at the Segura Viudas cellars over the centuries. A controlled fermentation at low temperatures, remaining in contact with yeast sediments and musts, enhancing the complexity and infusing the wine with vivacious characters. Segura Viudas has been treated to an extended maturation, between two and three years within it's own bottle. Alcohol 11.5%
Straw yellow in colour, greenish hints, a good mousse and fine, persistent bubbles. Aromas of lemon and rind, citrus and pith, dried florals. The bouquet offers handsome aged characters, mustyness and toast, macadamia and dates. A hint of sweetness to the palate, crisp green apple flavours, compotes and grapefruit, nuances of quince and of fig, a mouthfeel of sorbet. Finishes long, crisp and food friendly.
Segura Viudas Cava Reserva Heredad Brut
Penedas, Espana
Available in cases of 6
An ancient marque steeped in history, Segura Viudas began branding it's sparklings in the 1950s, limiting production for the enjoyment of an exclusive clientele, not releasing commercial quantities until 1969. The Penedes Denominaciones de Origen produces amazing methode champenoise, crafted from a mix of indigenous Spanish varietals which are unavailable anywhere else in the world.
Two thirds Macabeo, the balance Parellada, sourced from the Penedes D.O, just south of Barcelona. Outstanding wines have been made here since the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Other notable Penedes producers include Freixenet, Rene Barbier and Torres. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the region became aware of the potential of it's indigenous varietal grapes and unique wines, the first steps were taken in the application of Methode Champenoise and Segura Viudas produced its first sparklers. Primary fermentations in tank capture and retain distinct varietal fruit characters, followed by extended maturation in bottle for five years.
A delicate stream of very fine bubbles with persistence. Fruity, crisp lemon lime scented nose, the high percentage of Macabeo works to retain the youthful personality of this generous wine during the long ageing process. Development in bottle brings solid structure, creamy texture and harmonious acidity. Potent aromas vary from shortbread to strawberry, peaches to almond and marzipan. A long and elegant palate, a long slightly yeasty finish.

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