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The small, family owned and operated Nillumbik Estate has been producing award winning wines in the Yarra Valley for many years

Nillumbik means shallow earth, so named by the original inhabitants to signify a lack of top soils lost to undulating terrains. The western edges of Yarra Valley are covered by a harsh and hilly topography which can challenge winemakers as the unaccomodating soils and aspects produce grapes of concentration and intensity.

Nillumbik Estate

Nillumbik Estate's vinification techniques are ancient and very natural, handed down the generations by forebears from the old world. Volumes are kept small and the attention to detail is very high, the work is all done by hand as good winemaking cannot be done by machine to achieve the highest quality. - Nillumbik Estate - Nillumbik Estate - Nillumbik Estate

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