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Galli Estate Heathcote Block 2 Shiraz
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Galli's Camelback vineyard, situated northeast of the Heathcote township, enjoys a warmer clime, and the rainfall is always very limited. Growing seasons are normally dry with relatively even temperature ranges during veraison. Shiraz wines from this vineyard are delightfully flavoursome with earthy notes and a finely structured palate of some elegance, distinctive varietal character and sturdy tannins.
In addition to the estate wineworks at Rockbank, the Galli family have established a 250 acre vineyard at Heathcote. Outstanding Shiraz growing conditions here due to the soils and climate, Galli Estate are well positioned to make some of Heathcote's very finest. Shiraz Clone PT23 was originally planted to grey clay soils in 2000. The vines are vertical shoot positioned, meticulously bunch thinned to maintain quality. The harvest occurs from mid-March through April to early May. Fermented in a range of open and closed vesicles, pressed at dryness and then transferred into oak. Maturation under a selection of fine oak barriques for approximately a year before bottling. Alcohol 14.6%
A deep reddish purple colour. Attractive black cherry fruit is accompanied by splashes of spice on the bouquet. Further aromas of red berries and warm, spicey clovey oak, ripe with satsuma plum and chocolate coffee/mocha impressions. Succulent layers of complex flavours. An exceptionally powerful and complex palate, sweet and savoury, gamey, roast meaty characters and liquorice. Galli Heathcote goes great with game, or a spicey beef dish.
Galli Estate Pinot Grigio
Available by the dozen
Galli Estate produce a variety of quality wines from fruit grown on their vineyards at Sunbury and Heathcote. Galli Estate have been very well received by reviewers, and have been recognised for quality at competitions, already receiving Gold for their Pinot Grigio, a varietal that the winemaking team find very exciting. A milky white wine showing grapefruit, lime and green apple flavours with hints of musk and lemon. Sylish and modern for everyday enjoyment, Galli Estate is long and clean with titillating fruit and a refreshing finish.
Galli Estate is close to the city of Melbourne, and the vineyard is planted on a north-south axis. Vines are kept low yielding to ensure richly flavoured grapes, grown to red ironstone soils over basalt, they are spur-pruned and vertical shoot positioned to ensure fruit development with even ripening. Hand picked grapes are crushed and pressed, the exclusively free-run juices only are settled and then fermented at low temperatures. After a long fermentation in tank to retain freshness and intensity of fruit characters, the wine is cold-settled to clarify. After racking to remove yeast lees, the wine is stabilised, fined, filtered and bottled early to retain the qualities of the vivacious Pinot Grigio. Alcohol 13.0%
Pale in colour. Stone fruit and peach kernel aromas, fine bouquets of lime blossom and grapefruit with a touch of musk. Fine and full flavoured with balanced acidity, the palate exhibits exciting expressions of lime and lemon juice, cooking apples, and some floral notes. It finishes clean and fresh with a chalky, talc like astringency which makes it the perfect accompaniment to stronger flavoured fish, and other seafoods. Have it with traditional faire like mackerel and bay leaves.
The Galli Estate vineyard was established in 1997 by Lorenzo and his wife Pamela, it is based at Rockbank in the renowned Sunbury Wine Region of Victoria

The estate vineyard is close to the city of Melbourne, and is planted predominantly to Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, with smaller parcels of the more esoteric varietals. With it's rich, red volcanic soil, attention to detail in vine management and low yield targets, the estate is focused on producing premium quality wines. As the vines grew toward maturity over the years, the estate was able to select an increasing amount of good fruit, and to produce approximately 12,000 cases annually.

Galli Estate

The Rockbank site features rich red volcanic soil over clay loam, interspersed with rocky outcrops. The vineyard is on a north-south axis and the vine trellising uses vertical shoot positioning to increase exposure to sunlight. Planting commenced in 1997 and the vineyard contains smaller blocks of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Merlot. Very special to the winemaking team are the exciting Italian varietals of Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese. - Galli Estate

Although only relatively new, Galli Estate wines have already been recognised for quality in Australian wine shows, receiving Gold and Bronze medals for Cabernet Sauvignon, Gold for Pinot Grigio, three Bronze for Shiraz, as well as Bronze for Chardonnay and Sangiovese. Additionally the wines have received favourable reviews from noted Australian wine writers such as James Halliday.

Facilities constructed at Rockbank include the winery, a sales and administration centre and an underground cellar. Fifteen metres wide, six metres high and over 900 square metres in area, the earth covered cellar provides natural temperature and humidity control and houses the many hundreds of French oak barrels used for maturing the wines. The impressive cellar, winery and Cellar Door/ Administration buildings were built on the principles of the ancient arch system, employing steel arches surplus to the construction of the Burnley tunnel in Melbourne's city link project, giving a unique look and feel to the site.

In addition to the development at Rockbank, the Galli family have established a 250 acre vineyard at Heathcote, a Victoria wine region with an enviable reputation for quality, particularly in red wines. Located in Central Victoria about 100 kms north of Melbourne, the Heathcote wine region is classified as warm, and rainfall is limited. The growing season is warm and dry with relatively even temperature ranges during the ripening season. The harvest occurs from mid-March.

Vine planting commenced in 2000 at Galli Estate's Camelback vineyard, situated just north east of the Heathcote township. In keeping with the region's demonstrated specialty, the property is planted predominantly to Shiraz. Excellent results have also been achieved with Cabernet Sauvignon, and with an elegant, delicate Chardonnay. Since the inaugural 2004 vintage, all Heathcote fruit was immediately transported back to the Rockbank site for winemaking. "Galli Estate may be a newcomer to the scene, but it is a substantial one. A large underground cellar has been constructed. A cellar door sales, bistro and administration centre, with former Coldstream Hills winemaker Stephen Phillips in charge. The quality is as high as the prices are low!" -James Halliday - Galli Estate - Galli Estate

To date the Heathcote region is best known for outstanding Shiraz, and Galli Estate is well placed to develop this reputation. Accordingly, this vineyard features Shiraz, but is also planted to another exciting Rhone variety, the white grape Viognier. Pinot Grigio has also demonstrated an affinity with the site, in 2002 producing a wine which won medals at recent Australian wine shows. The balance is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and other grapes which, in keeping with the innovative nature of Lorenzo Galli, are less familiar but show exciting potential - Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo.

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