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Deutz Marlborough is the exquisite result of a winemaking partnership between the prestigious Champagne of Deutz and Pernod Ricard

Deutz marries the best of Marlborough grapes with Champagne methodology, presenting us with a multi award winning new world Brut Cuvée. A very stylish Marlborough assemblage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Marlborough vineyards intentionally planted to create this very wine. Crisp, with impressive complexity and richness, yeasty and nutty flavours, excellent vigour and length.

Deutz Marlborough

Sourced from the best vineyards in Marlborough, hand harvested at the point where ample sweetness and natural acidity are in harmony. Marlborough’s cool maritime climate ensures fruit aromas at vintage remain within a narrow spectrum, retaining the natural grape acidity. Deutz shows great power and body, with an excellent balance between the cherry of the Pinot Noir, and the paler fruits of the Chardonnay, brightly featured and golden. - Deutz Marlborough - Deutz Marlborough - Deutz Marlborough

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