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Bimbadgen Estate Botrytis Semillon 375ml
Available by the dozen
Botrytis affected Semillon makes much of the world's great and most flavourful wines. Bimbadgen have taken the time to find the ideal site in Australia with a rare confluence of sunshine and soil, optimal rainfalls and balmy clime, that unique alchemy of environmental conditions necessary for the rampant growth of the fungus Botrytis Cinerea. Out of the finest vintages, a wonderful dessert wine is made from the fruit, complex and earthy with subtle charry, nutty oak balanced by citrus peel and straw, candied fruit and a touch of nettle on the finish.
Semillon is harvested from Myall Road vineyard near Griffith, closely cropped to deliver no more than moderate yields. The site was established with cutting edge laser levelling techniques and trellising design, tailor made for premium dessert wines. Following the crush and an overnight cold soak on skins, the unclarified Semillon juices are inoculated through the action of wild and cultured yeasts for a long, slow vinification. Ferments are treated to a variety of temperature fluctuations and exposure to oak. Some components are rack and returned into quality new French oak for ferments, others are filled to barrel for a term of maturation. Two thirds of the wine remains in contact with yeast lees until bottling.
Luminous, vibrant pale gold colour. Aromatic and clean, with citrus fruit and fresh hay, dried apricot and lemon spice, marmalade and creme brulee. Medium bodied, luscious palate with creamy apricot kernel and marmalade flavours. Rich fruit sweetness is well balanced by zingy fruit acids. Bimbadgen should be enjoyed now but it offers wonderful ageing potential over several years.
High on a hill overlooking the beautiful Hunter Valley.

A state-of-the-art winery. An imposing bell tower. Spacious tasting rooms. Magnificent cellars. Bimbadgen Estate. Dedicated to the art of wine. Bimbadgen Estate Winery is situated two hour's drive north-west of Sydney in the picturesque Hunter Valley, Australia's oldest premium wine producing region.

Bimbadgen Estate

The winery itself is a reflection of the commitment to quality Hunter Valley wines renowned around the world. No expense has been spared in acquiring state-of-the-art wine-making technology combined with the finest grapes and the best French and American barrels that produce very special regional wines. - Bimbadgen Estate

Built in a distinctive Australian/ Mediterranean style, Bimbadgen, which means 'lovely views', is truly a world class endeavour.

Unique Soil Structures. Strong established vines. Grapes of magnificent intensity and flavour. Hallmarks of the best Hunter Valley vineyards.

The Hunter Valley region has long been regarded as a premium wine-producing area; renowned in particular for its classic bottle-aged Semillon, full-flavoured Chardonnay and intense Shiraz styles.

The Hunter Valley's soils are naturally suited to the growing of high quality grapes; grapes which are characteristically full of flavour, depth and intensity. - Bimbadgen Estate - Bimbadgen Estate
Bimbadgen Estate vineyards have been producing such grapes for over thirty years.

Currently, the Estate's mature vines naturally yield approximately one to two tonnes of premium grapes per acre. Ideal for production of the finest wines.

Bimbadgen: Wines for the senses: A place for the soul. A winery like no other.

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