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Welcome to Banrock Station, fine Australian wines from passionately nurtured earth

Banrock Station is a large property on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia. When purchased in 1994, the land was severely degraded after a century of sheep grazing. A massive undertaking has seen the areas native wetlands and woodlands restored, creating a healthy environment. Now, it’s not just native birds who flock to the property, visitors are welcome to explore boardwalks and enjoy meals and tastings at the Wine and& Wetland Centre. It’s a showcase of sustainable architecture, with solar power, renewable materials and minimal environmental footprint.

Banrock Station

Here at Banrock Station the perfect environment has been created for some of the worlds classic grape varieties. Flavoursome, easy drinking wines of true fruit character appeal to palates the world over. Every one of them comes with the added satisfaction of assisting the winemaking team to help the earth. - Banrock Station

If you love fine wine, you’ll appreciate Banrock Station’s commitment to the good earth it comes from. Flavoursome Australian wines are enjoyed worldwide, and wherever you find Banrock Station, you’ll also find a winemaking team supporting conservation efforts that will help everyone enjoy the gifts of nature for generations to come.

Raise a glass of Banrock Station wine, knowing that part proceeds of every drop are donated to environmental projects around the globe. Explore the world of Banrock Station, a piece of nature within South Australia where the story began, the superlative wines, and globally co-ordinated conservation projects.

For more than a decade, Banrock Station wines have been dedicated to the welfare of our environment. After all, we are all reliant on the health of nature to create quality wines. Banrock Station are proud to be a world leader in conservation, with commitment of many millions of dollars to date worldwide. The ever-growing popularity of Banrock Station means the contributions increase every year. Think of the projects you help donate towards, every time you raise a glass of Banrock Station.

The Banrock Station style is full-flavoured, easy drinking wines of true fruit character. The world’s classic grape varieties have been planted, and they flourish in the healthy environment created under the Australian sun. The entire range of red, white and sparkling wines appeals to palates the world over. Good vineyard management ensures excellence in both flavour and environmental care. A unique pairing of the good earth, and fine Australian wine, Banrock Station is the home to the wine world's classic grape varieties of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Semillon. The warm climate is ideal for producing easy drinking, rich and full flavoured Australian wines. The 600 acres of vineyards which sit among 3600 acres of natural bushland, is a vital link between the surrounding native vegetation and wetlands. - Banrock Station - Banrock Station

The special care Banrock Station takes of the property clearly results in high quality fruit and exceptional wines, which have received outstanding acceptance and accolades from the world marketplace. The vineyard features 'state of the art' trellising, soil conservation techniques, minimal spray programs, and computer controlled irrigation scheduling. The strategy of close-planting the vineyard, combined with vertical shoot positioning, reduces the impact of reflected heat from the ground, while allowing the right amount of fruit exposure during ripening.

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