Alkoomi Black Label Chardonnay
Houghton Wisdom Chardonnay 2013
Have Houghton got Wisdom? You bet
So Sayeth Jack Mann One of Australia's most significant pioneering winemakers, that when wine reaches the state of sublime, there's no other on earth which can match it! Wisdom is just such a wine, fashioned exclusively from the finest parcels of Pemberton Chardonnay, hand picked from a single site, the very best of Houghton vineyards. A flagship wine of immense stature to accompany the perfect cheese souffle or freshly cooked crayfish, caressed by newburg and amontillado sauce.
Dalwhinnie Moonambel Cabernet 2004
Vintage 2004 represents twenty consecutive years of fine tuning within the vineyard and throughout the entire winemaking operation
Moonambel 2004 Offers A Palate And Nose Of Exceptional Depth And Finesse Rating amongst the finest editions of Cabernet that Dalwhinnie have ever made The style is fleshier than previous releases, bearing more fruit and tannin, endowed with great freshness and magnificent structure.
Scarpantoni Brothers Block Cabernet 2014 FROM TWO BLOCKS OF SUPERIOR VINES GROWN TO THE MCLAREN FLAT ESTATE, hand planted by the Scarpantoni brothers in the early 1970s. Brothers Block claimed Australia's most illustrious award, the highly coveted Jimmy Watson trophy in 2007. A tremendously well received wine throughout the years, claiming a multitude of prestigious awards. A luscious full bodied Cabernet wine which exudes intense bouquets of blackcurrant and mint, exhibiting a richer more layered style, showing strong regionality and compelling varietal definition.
Wynns Coonawarra Cabernet Shiraz Merlot BLACK LABEL DEFINES THE ELEGANCE AND EXCELLENCE OF GRAND COONAWARRA WINE, an enduring classic that drinks brilliantly while young. Cabernet Sauvignon provides the flavour, structure and length, Shiraz imparts a spicey complexity and richness. Merlot adds softness to a finely structured and supple wine, showing ripe plum and spicy fruit flavours combined with soft, understated oak. A smooth and flavoursome red enhanced by a judicious balance of the three varietal components, fashioned to be enjoyed today, innately suited to all good faire.
Houghton Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2013 THE HISTORIC HOUGHTON WINEWORKS HAVE BEEN FAMOUS FOR PRODUCING REGIONAL BENCHMARK WINES EVER SINCE THE INAUGURAL RELEASE OF 1859. Today, Houghton continues the tradition by consistently delivering award winning efforts of outstanding quality and affable regional charm. The very Australian mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz, collated from some of the finest vineyards in West Australia, is assembled into a generously proportioned, stylishly well rounded and approachable red wine.
Vasse Felix Classic Dry White ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S DEFINING REGIONAL STYLES BY ONE OF OUR MOST SPLENDID WINEMAKING ESTATES. Vasse Felix pioneered the vital blend of white varietal grapes and now the moniker Classic Dry White is synonymous with Margaret River. Vivacious lifted fruits drive the palate, classic tropical, passionfruit aromatics of Sauvignon Blanc combine with the grassy citrus herbal edge of Semillon, a refreshingly clean, zesty food friendly wine. Perfect with seafood and Asian poultry recipes, always a welcome guest around every table of fine fare.
There are some
signs of maturity at Tin Shed Estate in the Barossa, but the label is still primarily about encouraging the enjoyment of food and wine
The Tin Shed Wines adventure began in 1997 when Peter Clarke’s passion for food and wine overflowed one night in the company of friend and viticulturist Andrew Wardlaw. Peter is head chef and part-owner of the award-winning Vintners Bar & Grill near Angaston.
 Tin Shed

The following year, the pair combined their talents in a small tin shed to create their first wine. This Shiraz was mollycoddled from the outset – handpicked and hand nurtured using wild fermentation and minimal additions. The undivided attention the fruit and resulting wine received paid off, with the Single Wire Shiraz receiving accolades from wine lovers and wine writers alike.

Despite the temptation to accelerate production, Tin Shed Wines chose instead to concentrate on creating wines that were subtle and allowed the real character of the vineyard to dominate. Rather than produce larger volumes of one particular wine, Peter and Andrew pooled their expertise and played with a new blend of Mourvedre, Shiraz and Grenache.

The success of this second wine led to other inspired decisions, such as the Wild Bunch Riesling in 2002, again a result of the same techniques – wild ferment, minimal additions and loads of attention. Following this the Melting Pot Shiraz, then one particular “fruit salad” block, inspired the production of the All Day Rosé.

Tin Shed Wines now boasts five labels. Each of them demands an equal amount of nurturing, so total production is still limited to 5000 cases each year. These wines were designed to be unique and are continually being hailed as such by those who have the privilege of tasting them.

In 2006, Peter and wife Anne, took sole ownership of Tin Shed Wines. Enter viticulturist/winemaker Nathan Norman, who was attracted to the winery because of its attention to detail. The Tin Shed dream has not faltered over the years. The small team is still intent on mollycoddling its wines, to produce real vineyard flavours that complement food without overpowering it.

O'Leary Walker Wines
is the culmination of two like minded winemakers that met over twenty years ago
Established in 2001 by David O'Leary and Nick Walker, their philosophy is pretty simple, source the best grapes from the best vineyard sites and craft great wine. O'Leary Walker is based at Leasingham in the Clare Valley, South Australia, but they don't limit themselves to producing just Clare Valley wines. O'Leary Walker also source fruit from other premium grape growing districts in South Australia including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra and McLaren Vale. The theory behind this is to draw on the grape varieties that excel in these quite different viticultural climates.
 OLeary Walker

David O'Leary and Nick Walker both have a love of winemaking, a desire to create something exceptional and a strong affinity with the Australian wine industry. After working for large companies for twenty years and amassing over 300 gold medals and 60 trophies (including a Jimmy Watson and twice International Red Wine Maker of the Year), David and Nick had achieved just about everything that a winemaker could.

A new challenge beckoned and David and Nick's belief in their winemaking skills and their confidence in the fruit and the vineyards available to them was the catalyst for them to establish their own venture based in South Australia's picturesque Clare Valley. As with all things in life, a window of opportunity opens only a few times and they believed it was their turn to step up, have a go and return to what winemaking is all about, making great wine from great vineyard sites.

O'Leary Walker Wines was born

David graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College in 1980. He spent a year in Tasmania working for Heemskerk Wines before joining Chateau Reynella in 1981. He was appointed group red winemaker for Hardy's in 1990 and held that role until joining Mildara Blass in 1994.

At Mildara Blass, he held senior winemaking roles at Quelltaller Estate in the Clare Valley where he launched Annies Lane and at Mildara's Coonawarra winery. During his time with Hardy's and Mildara Blass, he also made wine if France and California.

David has achieved considerable in his twenty years of making wine. A Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1988 and twice International Red Winemaker of The Year (1992 and 1994) sit proudly along with numerous other trophies and gold medals. David's goals have never changed, he simply wants to make great wine.

Two Paddocks is
a small family wine producing business that is entirely dedicated to making great wine
Two Paddocks' three vineyards are located in Central Otago on the South Island of New Zealand. From this golden countryside, where old trails still wind through historic gold mines and ice blue lakes nestle below rugged mountains, comes some of the world's best Pinot Noir, a wine that will rival the great Pinot Noirs of Burgundy. It's the region's continental climate with its hot dry summers, cool autumns, and cold winters that provides the perfect environment to nurture the perfect grape. Add to that warm days and cool nights for colour and stability and the wine that results is nothing less than excellence.
 Two Paddocks

The winery started in 1993 with modest ambitions and initial plantings of five acres of Pinot Noir at the original little vineyard at Gibbston, Central Otago in the deep south of New Zealand. At the same time, winery friend Roger Donaldson planted the land next door, hence the name Two Paddocks. (Roger’s paddock proved to be a slow starter. His brand Sleeping Dogs, takes its name from the first film he and Two Paddocks winemaker Sam Neill made together.)

Sam wanted to produce a good Pinot Noir that would, at the very least, be enjoyed by family and friends. Admittedly, Sam's friends will pretty much drink anything, so this didn't seem too hard. The first vintage in 1997 was much better than hoped, in spite of a difficult growing season. 1998 was a more distinguished vintage, and in 1999 a world class Pinot was produced. Here was a wine of considerable complexity with an amazing nose, delicious fruit and a good lengthy finish.

Since that time with each successive vintage, Two Paddocks have produced a Pinot Noir that has done the winemakers proud and is to be frank, too good to be wasted on the close circle of friends. While Sam Neill and friends' generous thirst accounts for the occasional scarcity of Two Paddocks Pinot, the ambition has become to produce year after year, the world’s best Pinot Noir

Two Paddocks original vineyard has now been augmented by two other small, superbly sited vineyards in the Alexandra district. Alex Paddocks is a 7-acre vineyard on a very beautiful terrace above the Earnscleugh Valley, and sits under some very striking rocky headlands. Planted with Burgundian Pinot vines (5, 6, 115) in 1998, the Two Paddocks Last Chance Pinot Noir is from this single vineyard (first vintage 2002). The Last Chance name comes from an old gold miners watercourse that runs through the yard, dating from the 1860s.

In 2000 Redbank was aquired, a lovely-sheltered sixty acres also in the Earnscleugh Valley, which nestles between two dramatic rocky escarpments. More Burgundian clones have been planted here. As a departure, some Riesling here, and we grow medicinal and culinary herbs as well. We inherited a still at Redbank, which we use to distill a brilliant essential oil from the English and French lavenders we grow on the property.

Yarran Wines are
quiet achievers, growing finer and finer quality fruit for over three decades, delivering outstanding quality and value for discerning enthusiasts in the know
The Yarran tree is best recognised by it's lustrous yellow blooms and dark fragrant wood, it is found extensively throughout the Riverina region and once grew abundantly on the vineyard from which Yarran Wines now source their fruit. Wine grapes have been grown on the Brewer family vineyard for over thirty years. Estate patriarchs Lorraine and John established their property to viticulture, after their son's keen interest in winemaking inspired enrolment at Charles Sturt University. The Brewer vineyards and winworks have since grown, from producing a single site Shiraz in 1998, to many different varietal table wines, rich fortified blends and a classic Riverina Botrytis Noble Rot.

The vineyards, winery and cellar door are all located in the Riverina sub region of Yenda. The area can be proud of a long tradition in winegrowing, dating back to 1913, it is renowned internationally for producing world class, high quality wines. Yarran Wines is a community owned and operated winery. All the winery staff are either shareholders, stakeholders or family. Lorraine Brewer remains actively involved in administration, while co-vineyard owner Jim Maier produces fruit and manages the vineyard. Before joining the family business in 2009, Sam Brewer gained much international experience after working vintages in the Yarra and King Valleys, California's Sonoma and the exciting new viticultural precincts of China.

The Yarran range of wines have perfomed exceptionally well on the wine show circuit. The portfolio covers everyone's favourite styles, the aim is to make wines showing lifted varietal fruit character. Dependable, high quality, great value wines, fashioned to an approachable and deliciously pleasant modern styling.

A love of the land and respect for mother nature are essential in achieving harvests of superior quality fruit. The Yarran winemaking philosophy has evolved over time, the efforts of each vintage continue to be finely attenuated to deliver the highest possible quality for the enthusiast.

Creative winemaking coupled with a strong commitment to expressing regional style has been a rewarding mix. Each vintage, Yarran Wines continue to set higher standards, their efforts have been rewarded with a conspicuous list of exciting accolades and reviews. The team at Yarran are always doing things in a slightly less orthodox way each year, continuously challenging themselves to achieve wines with an extra element of character and charm. The Yarran team pride themselves in creating approachable, award winning quality wines, working through the virtues of a balanced vineyard and meticulous winemaking. Yarran's Leopardwood range is also named after a local tree, Flindersia Maculosa was once part of the native flora.

The wines in the Leopardwood range are crafted from the Heathcote and Yenda regions, wines with the most intensity and flavour are selected for French and American oak barrel aging, matured for a year before release. Leopardwood are a rich, full bodied and solidly structured range, made for those who appreciate wines of greater substance and exceptional complexity. The cellar door at Yarran Wines is nestled within the picturesque vineyard, it offers elevated views of the surrounding grapevines and the Cocoparra Ranges. If you're travelling through Yenda or the nearby town of Griffith, drop by for a sampling of the award winnning range of wines, tastings of red, white and moscato, fortified tawny and an iconic dessert wine!

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