Yarra Burn Shiraz Viognier 2006
Elegance and finesse are the signature of Yarra Burn
Their Distinguished Releases Are The Reward Of Consistently Superior Viticulture And Uncompromising Skill In The Vinification The essence of these qualities is captured in this classic wine stylistically similar to the famous siblings of France's Rhône Valley. A five percent dash of the sweetly aromatic Viognier, softens and adds figure to the components of mighty Heathcote and Coldstream Shiraz. A gently perfumed wine exhibiting characters of apricot, violet and strawberry, it drinks beautifully upon release.
Castelli Frankland River Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
The magnificence of choice harvests Frankland River and Mount Barker
Malbec And Cabernet Sauvignon Are assembled into an exquisitely perfumed wine of defined muscular structure and elegant, supportive tannins. Impenetrable blackberry and bramble fruit, liquorice and cassis, are all framed by its length of fine layered tannins and polished new oak. An outstanding construct, from one of the most superlative Cabernet growing appellations on the continent, Castelli offers the excellence and grace to accompany the finest gourmandise.
Yellow Tail Merlot Piccolo 187ml
Casella Wines have been decorated with accolades for establishing the most successful brands in the nation's history
Now Managed By Three Generations Of The Family [yellow Tail] Continue To Represent Australia In Markets Around The World An easy drinking Merlot wine designed for immediate enjoyment excellent with all foods, superbly suited to cheeses and flavoursome Italian recipes, especially pasta with tomato sauces.
Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato 375ml 2013 GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES, at only 375ml, tiny little Pink Moscato has become a great big phenomenon. Why? It's the very definition of fun, one of the few indulgences in life which can be relied upon to set the perfect mood, whatever the ocassion and whoever the company. A true Moscato fashioned from the pick of the most succulent Muscat Gordo and Muscat of Hamburg grapes, light in alcohol, fantastically fizzed, brimming with berries and summer fruits, rose petal perfumes and luscious turkish delights.
Dowie Doole Reserve Shiraz 2015 THE MOST HIGHLY COKE ADDLED MARKETING EXECUTIVE COULDN'T HAVE COME UP WITH A BRAND LIKE DOWIE DOOLE, but fast forward and the label now enjoys a growing reputation for profound Shiraz wines in Australia and overseas. Small crops of extraordinary quality fruit are grown to some enduring Mclaren Vale vines, to be fermented and matured at the Boar's Rock wineworks.
Ringbolt Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 WESTERN AUSTRALIA'S RUGGED SOUTHWEST COASTLINE IS LITTERED WITH SHIPWRECKS, the Ringbolt is one of them, sunk in the late 1800s at Ringbolt Bay. Just off Margaret River and adjacent to Cape Leeuwin, within view of the Ringbolt shipwreck, vines planted to sandy, laterite gravel soils within the premier viticultural precinct of Wilyabrup, struggle to grow limited yields of intensely flavoured grapes. Balmy maritime winds and a long slow ripening achieve harvests of fragrantly perfumed berries, for the most splendid vintages of Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon.
Chandon Vintage Brut 2012 THE HOLY TRINITY OF SPARKLING GRAPES IN CONSUMATE METHODE TRADITIONELLE. A cepage of Chardonnay for elegance, Pinot Noir and Meunier for palate weight and depth. Vintage Brut derives great complexity through a judicious selection of fruit from Chandon's rich endowment of cool climate vineyards, crafted to a diversity of extravagant handling techniques. Perfumes ranging from florals and yeast, to cashew and savoury, a measured elegance which continues alongside the rich and creamy textures of this flagship Cuvee.
Inaugurally released in
2013, Eddystone Point realises a vision to create wines that are drinkable, affordable and represent the undisputed quality of Tasmanian fresh produce
Careful vineyard selection, matching the right varietals with the appropriate subregion within the cool climate of Tasmania, are essential to ensuring fruit flavour and quality are maximised. Sourcing and nurturing fruit from across all subregions of Tasmania to produce wines that are complex and show distinct and concentrated varietal flavour. Eddystone Point range is fresh, vibrant and approachable in its youth. Eddystone Point wines are made for everyday drinking. The core of the range express concentrated varietal character with a fresh backbone of acidity, but the youth and curiosity of the Eddystone Point drinker encourages more experimental winemaking inclusion and an element of funk.
 Eddystone Point

Long standing relationships with Tasmanian growers, many of which grow not just wine grapes, but poppies, sheep and a variety of crops as well, combined with a dedicated and passionate cool climate viticultural team provides the assurance that fruit quality is always the focus. Eddystone Point reaps the rewards of the years spent by passionate people such as Ed Carr, who believed in the potential of Tasmania to produce premium fruit, and who continue to explore the opportunities presented by the diversity of sub regions Tasmania has to offer.

The attention to detail occurs in the Eddystone Point vineyard. The experienced and passionate viticultural team work diligently alongside the growers, guiding and supporting them to ensure fruit quality is the focus and flavour ripeness is optimized.

It is this investment in the vineyards that sets the Eddystone Point winemaking team up to receive fruit of the very best quality possible, which is the key to producing premium cool climate wines. Tasmania is literally populated with a plethora of intriguing vineyards, the Eddystone Point team take pride in accessing the best harvests and look forward to continuing the success of Tasmania's most exciting brand.

Since its inception
in 1968, McPherson Wines has been on an uncompromising quest for quality and a commitment to the very finest in winemaking
McPherson Wines had its beginnings in 1968. Jock McPherson worked in wineries in the early days of the industry in New South Wales. From him, his son Andrew learned the joys of winemaking, along with an honours degree in the use of colourful language. In 1974 Andrew embarked upon his career, he has spent his entire working life to date in the wine industry. In 1993 he established vineyard holdings in the Murray Darling region near Mildura. This region principally surrounds the mighty Murray River, the source of much Australian folklore due to its beauty and majesty. One of the most significant grape growing areas in Australia, the region is over 350km wide (east to west) and is renowned for its production of soft, generously flavoured wines.

Andrew had his eye on the red brick soil of Goulburn Valley in Central Victoria, acquiring 350 acres which offered great promise for cool climate red wines which today are used to grow the grapes for the Chapter Three and Basilisk range. In early 2000, McPherson Wines opened a world class bottling facitily in Victoria. Located next to the winery just outside the town of Nagambie in Central Victoria, McPherson bottle their own wines along with premium wines from wineries all over Victoria. Consistency, reliability and value for money are hallmarks of wines from Central Victoria.

The McPherson family is proud of their efforts to preserve and protect the natural Australian environment. Sustainable farming has always been foremost in the McPherson family’s approach to viticulture, responsible vineyard planning encompasses a range of environmental concerns.

The McPherson family established their Croftwood vineyard along the Murray River near Mildura in 1994. Here, the Murray journeys northwest through the heart of Australia’s famous red cliffs area, where the dry, warm climate and brick-red soils conspire to endow McPherson’s red wines with a beguiling combination of forward fruit, structure and intensity.

The Sinclair vineyard, along the Goulburn River, is adjacent to the McPherson winery. Here, the river’s system of lakes, creeks and billabongs conspire to form a unique meso-climate that is dramatically influenced by its inland water mass. The effect of this water mass is cooler and more moderate vineyard temperatures during the growing season, which in turn gives the McPherson white wines greater elegance and finesse, and its reds a rich, robust flavour, distinctive of the region. With a focus on traditional winemaking craftwork and state-of-the-art technology, the McPherson wines are designed to be easy-drinking, fruit driven styles with generous mouth-filling flavours. For almost 50 years the McPherson family have been committed to producing high quality wines at an affordable price.

Andrew oversees the day to day operations of his Central Victorian Winery and world class bottling facility. McPherson continue to produce and refine an outstanding range of signature wines, which are enjoyed by people in thirty six different countries. Over the years, McPherson Wines have strived to maintain the high standards of quality that have made them famous throughout the world, renowned for consistently over delivering at every price point.

Marschall Groom Cellars
is a very small family winery situated in the Barossa Valley
Daryl Groom was Penfolds Senior Winemaker where he oversaw the making of the mighty Grange. Groom Cellars is the culmination of a dream, backed up by many years of talk and family discussion. The proprietors are David & Jeanette Marschall and their six children, and Daryl & Lisa Groom and their four children. The dream started to become reality with the purchase of 87 acres of bare land in the Kalimna appellation of the Barossa Valley, directly adjacent to the renowned Penfolds Kalimna vineyard - the home of Grange. In 1997 the first acres on their Kalimna Bush Block were planted to Shiraz, producing its first crop in the 1999 vintage. To compliment the young Shiraz fruit, Marschall Groom source from one other very reputable high quality site in the Barossa, the Fechner Vineyard which is home to 50 year-old vines.
 Marschall Groom

The Barossa Valley is the source of the world's finest Shiraz. With it’s hot, dry conditions and fairly level valley floor and undulating hills, this appellation is generally recognized as the best red wine district in Australia. The aim for the Groom label is to let the vineyards and fruit do the talking in producing the style and quality of wines. Marschall Groom's Kalimna property is located next door to the traditional Penfolds Grange mother source vineyard. The unforgiving soils of this area are well known to produce very low yields, loose clusters and extremely small berries. Classic, ultra premium Shiraz territory!

Marschall Groom look for a little less wood than is typical of Australian Shiraz. A wine that is rich, but not overly jammy, tannic, or oaky in flavour so that it can show off the spicy, anise, berry flavors - true varietal characters in the grape. The aim is for a firm, fleshy structure and fine texture. The desired results are achieved by traditional and gentle winemaking methods, fermentation is in small batches, punched down in open top vessels, a skin maceration of only 6 days, minimal handling throughout and aging in American oak (half new, half 1 year old). Careful barrel selection increases the quality and consistency in red wines.

In 2000, 8 acres of experimental Zinfandel vines were planted on the Kalimna Bush Block. Zinfandel is a hearty variety. It produces its best wines in areas where the grapevine needs to work hard. Marschall Groom's Kalimna shiraz vineyard has just the micro-climate to to produce wines that match California’s best. A very limited introductory release from these grapes was made for the 2003 vintage. The first commercial release of Marschall Groom Zinfandel into the USA was the 2006 vintage.

The Barossa Valley is too warm to grow world class Sauvignon Blanc. This variety is ideally suited to much cooler, higher rainfall climates. After thoroughly researching the climatic conditions within South Australia, a 20 acre vineyard in the Adelaide Hills appellation of Lenswood was planted to provide the perfect grapes for Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard conditions are so perfect that all that's required is to harvest at the right moment and then get out of the way and not muck things up! What emerges from this clean, uncomplicated winemaking approach is a wine with brilliant acidity and flavours that balance citrus with floral. Brighter than California Sauvignon Blanc, and a little less pungent than New Zealand, this wine exemplifies the Adelaide Hills appellation as a world class Sauvignon Blanc producing region. The aim is to get the incredible, intense fruit flavours from the vine into the glass, pure Sauvignon fruit at its very best.

As proprietors, Marschall Groom have set the foundation in choosing the most ideal viticultural region needed to produce the highest quality for each each varietal wine. Also working with the company to maintain and ensure quality standards is consultant Natasha Mooney, previously winemaker for E&E Black Pepper Shiraz, and now working closely with Daryl to produce stunning wines. All releases are hand crafted and produced in limited quantities.

Monichino are all
about honest wines made from good fruit, grown to a greatly loved vineyard, by fair dinkum people with endless passion
The rolling hills of Italy's Piemonte and the flat plains of Victoria's Goulburn Valley are worlds apart. The classic tradition of wine making however, has transferred flawlessly from one hemisphere to the other. When Carlo Monichino migrated from the Asti region of northern Italy, he brought his winemaking skills with him. Carlo and Margaret Monichinon established their first vineyard on the Australian continent at Katunga in central Victoia's Goulburn Valley in 1962. The Monichinon family recognized that the rich soil and excellent climatic conditions make this region ideal for grape growing. Vines were first planted here during the 1880s, one of the oldest and most enduring grape growing regions in Australia.

Originally planted to the more ubiquitous Australian grape varieties, for the production of locally popular styles of wine, Monichino vineyards now yields harvests of Barbera, Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio. Exquisitely balanced, flavourful and refreshing wines in the fashion of Italy's most renowned viticultural precincts, are a specialty of Monichino vineyard wineworks. The high quality of fruit harvested off 26 estate owned and operated hectares of low yielding vines, can only be achieved by close husbanding and hard wok, by heavy pruning and light supplementary watering. This increases the intensity of flavour and emphasizes the natural character of the varietal grape. The result is a range of high quality, hand crafted wines, offering rich aromas and full bodied palates.

Goulburn Valley is heaven sent for agriculture, Monichino's vines are planted to what are essentially, top notch farming terrains, premium Moira loams, soils that are ideal for wine grapes. Monichino Wines remain a true family concern, extended family and neighbours are all involved. Carlo Monichino' eldest chose to study wine science and to do vintage overseas before assuming the role of chief winemaker.

Estate harvests of Pinot Grigio, Barbera and Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, White Frontignac and Orange Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz, are all of exceptional quality every year. Table wines, sparkling and fortifieds, are all on the Monichino wine list. Some vineyard blocks are left on the vine to develop into the luscious dessert styles, parcels of noble rot affected grapes are selectively picked for crafting into luxurious botrytis wines.

Visitors to Monichino are welcome and the cellar door is open to all. Call in for a chat over a large range of award winning wines for tasting, Monichino's friendly staff will help you with your wine selection and can help with information on food and wine matches. Take the time to relax and savour a locally made cheese platter in the well laid out picnic grounds overlooking Monichino vineyard. Above all, sample the complete range of Monichino wines and you're certain to be impressed!

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