Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cabernet 2012
Commemorating the entrepeneurial spirit of Dr
Penfold's Son In Law Thomas Hyland's stewardship of Penfold from the late 1800s until 1914 saw the development of what in his lifetime, became Australia's most famous name in wine. Essentially fruit driven, Thomas Hyland offers a contemporary expression of Cabernet structure and flavour, showing the classic varietal elements of bramble and cedar over fine grained tannins.
From South Australia's
Eden Valley
Pewsey Vale Prima 22GR Riesling
Very pale in colour with green hues. The aroma has a hint of the classic Pewsey Vale but is most redolent of lemon blossom, nectarines and lychees. The palate shows great length with a vibrancy of perfumed fruits such as guava and sweet peach overlaid with a touch of spicy clove. The balance of the wine is succulent and mouth watering as it invites a second glass. Exhibits a purity of style, slowly developing flavour layers of fresh toast and spice.
Armchair Critic Under Over Pinot Gris 2016
The choicest parcels of Pinot Gris are harvested from high altitude King Valley vineyards where the long and sunny autumn days combine with cool nights to yield fully ripened grapes exhibiting crisp fruity acids and well defined varietal expression
The Winemaking Team At Armchair Critic Have Taken Great Effort To Fashion An Exemplary Pinot Gris Without The Influence Of Any Oak To showcase all the prime fruit characters which make this innately food friendly style of wine the first choice to accompany white meats seafoods and risotto.
Gosset Brut Excellence Champagne N.V ESTABLISHED 1584, Gosset is one of the smallest producers in luxury Champagne, but what it lacks in volume it amply makes up for in quality and prestige. Gosset remains unsurpassable for its fine, foaming textures and complex, powerful length, the most satiating experience in Champagne, a palate of unrivaled richness and staying power, one of the most superior effervescent wines in the world.
Water Wheel Shiraz A GENEROUSLY PROPORTIONED WINE OF SUBSTANCE STRUCTURE, assembled from the pick of Water Wheel estate grown Shiraz, crafted with a focus on capturing and presenting the excellence, power and finesse of Bendigo Shiraz. At Water Wheel, the emphasis is on producing high quality, fruit driven Shiraz with discernible regionality and strong varietal definition. The bounty of Bendigo at its best, laden with luscious black berry fruit flavours, seasoned by a twist of peppery clove spice, lined with velvet textures and framed by graceful tannins.
Mesh Eden Valley Riesling 2018 VINEYARDS SELECTED FOR THE MESH PROJECT ARE CHOSEN FOR THEIR POTENTIAL TO YIELD FRUIT THAT'S MOST IN KEEPING WITH THEIR EDEN VALLEY PROVENANCE, while exhibiting the potential to translate into wines of style. The aim is to construct a Riesling with strong citrus flavour and slight mineral profile, long, rich flavours with a greater emphasis on power, generosity, persistence and texture. From vines up to sixty years of age, the viticultural parameters for each site focus on painstaking regimens, pruning, leaf retention and nutrition to further improve quality of fruit.
Morris of Rutherglen Sparkling Shiraz Durif NV RUTHERGLEN IS POSSIBLY THE ONLY PRODUCTIVE ENCLAVE OF WORLD CLASS DURIF WINES ANYWHERE ON EARTH. It also yields a quality of Shiraz that's unique in the world of wine, by virtue of the region's quarantine of vines due to phyloxera. The Morris family have been making wine at Rutherglen since 1859. Within thirty years of establishment, their flourishing operations had made Morris the largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere. Introductions aside, Morris make an effervescent red wine of remarkable intensity, richness and class.
Right in the
centre of the enchanting Shire of Nillumbik, at the western end of the Yarra Valley in the village of Kangaroo Ground you will find the Redbox Winery
Set on a property, named Wildfell by the first landholder in 1851, the Redbox Estate's fruit is gingerly tended and harvested to produce a fine range of wines. The Shire of Nillumbik is steeped in history and dotted with villages and towns, each with its own special magic. Names like Cottle's Bridge, Panton Hill, St Andrews, Hurstbridge and Wattle Glen all hinting of a culture brought to the region by the Scottish settlers in the early 1800s. The eight acre vineyard was originally planted to Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet in 1986. It's proximity to Melbourne and the rolling hills broken by dense stands of Red Box and other eucalypts makes it a haven for weekend visitors and wine tasters from all over.

Redbox wines are drawn from the Redbox vineyard, as well as associated vineyards in the Yarra Valley, Perricoota, and Mornington Peninsula. Innovative approaches to viticulture and vinification affords the winemaker access to parcels of the finest Yarra Valley fruit with the ability to fashion some wonderfully unique wine styles. In the hospitality and tourism category, Redbox Cellar Door was one of the three finalists, pipped by the Eltham Gateway Hotel and Conference Centre for first place, a proud achievement for the young winery that has encouraged the staff to constantly improve the amenity of the cellar door, and of course, the lovely wines.

Spring is the most exciting period in the year for the Redbox vineyard, as the vines are in their most prolific state. The entire Yarra Valley is dressed in brilliant hues of green, the vines have flowered, and bunches are forming. Throughout spring and the early summer, cutting the grass, eliminating weeds, and in general, grooming the vineyard is a full time job. The Redbox Vineyard and Winery has been brought to life over the past years, and the Spencer family happily welcomes visitors every weekend.

Tasters will find that each wine is true to type, in its varietal make-up and origins, as the wines are strongly related to origin and a sense of place. The mellow smooth flavour of Redbox wines is consistent across the range. Perricoota Shiraz 2003, 2004 and 2005 were all put up for wine judging in separate events, and each one received one or more medals. A similar situation has occurred with other red and white Redbox wines. Any kind of a medal is considered important, but to get 19 medals in the space of six months, is an outstanding achievement.

Redbox has excellent stocks of big selling wines, including the unique Mourvedre - the most romantic wine on earth. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera are in plentiful supply, as are the popular white wines. In 2006, Redbox produced some exotic products. One of two dessert wines, Ice Riesling promises to be extremely popular, and the innovative Cabernet Dessert wine has debuted to rapturous interest.

In 2004, Redbox made their first Methode Champonoise Sparkling Rose. Fermented in the bottle for two years, 100 dozen Sparkling Rose were produced, and in less than two months only 30 cases were left. Now it trickles out of the stock room at a pace which will make it linger until the release of the Redbox Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Chardonnay, a new edition of the Sparkling Rose, and a truly unique Sparkling Merlot, all methode champenoise of course. The Redbox Classic Tawny Port was so popular, that a second barrel had to be tapped. It is a slow task to hand fill and individually label each bottle, but the Classic Tawny is such a superb product, it is actually a labour of love. The winery's Big Shed opposite the Redbox Cellar Door has recently been made fully operational with the luxury of space to store wine, and the huge amounts of equipment needed to operate a vineyard.

The Ingoldby family
has been associated with McLaren Vale winemaking heritage for more than a hundred years
Since inaugural release Ingoldby have enjoyed a stunning run of success at national wine shows. It was in 1973 that Jim Ingoldby finally adorned the label of traditional McLaren Vale wines with the family name. From the outset Jim and his Ingoldby wines were unashamedly proud of their McLaren Vale heritage. The region is often referred to as the middle palate of the Australian wine industry. The Ingoldby's innate skill at managing vines and soils which they have husbanded for generations yields splendid fruit with concentrated flavours. Their fruit has been the secret ingredient in many of Australia's most cherished wines. Ingoldby's Cabernet is highly valued and still sought by some of the nation's most popular brands.

Ingoldby based its success on two classic red varieties that represent brilliantly the unique qualities of the McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. From 1986, the Ingoldby reds began a stunning run of success at the show level, and the Cabernet Sauvignon has been highly acclaimed to this day.

Ingoldby operates vineyards which have been in the family for generations, with additional fruit provided by long term contract growers. The wines exhibit rich fruit flavours that are enhanced by the judicious use of new and aged oak. Ingoldby has also established a range of white wines that impress McLaren Vale's traditional red wine enthusiasts.

It is always a special moment to have hard work recognised and for people to acknowledge that your wine stands out above all others in it's class. Ingoldby couldn't be prouder of their winemaking team. And once you have tried Ingoldby wines, we know you will want to share the secret with friends.

As McLaren Vale is best known for Cabernet and Shiraz, Ingoldby has been traditionally associated with its full flavoured reds. Ingoldby's flagship wine, the Golden Vine Reserve Shiraz has been the most widely acclaimed release within the Ingoldby repertoire.

With the the success of Ingoldby Chardonnay taking top Gold trophy at the Royal Queensland Wine Show, they have demonstrated their talents at producing a range of extremely high quality wines against traditional expectations that full flavoured reds are what the region does best. The outstanding fruit driven flavours of the 2004 Chardonnay wowed judges at the Bendigo Bank Royal Queensland Wine Show securing the highest accolade in its class winning Top Gold and 2 further trophies. Proudly crafted in the traditional McLaren Vale style, the 2004 possesses an intensely flavoured fruit palate derived from a long and dry vintage.

Leconfield was established
in 1974 by noted Oenologist, Sydney Hamilton
At the fine age of seventy six, after a winemaking career spanning nearly 60 years with the family company in Adelaide, Sydney still yearned to make a classic Australian Cabernet Sauvignon and set himself the task of finding the right district in which to establish his own vineyard and winery. Showing great foresight, Sydney selected Coonawarra as the area with the potential to fulfil his ambitious dream. Thus Leconfield was born, named after an English ancestor, Lord Leconfield.

In 1981, with 65 vintages under his belt, Sydney decided to finally retire and Leconfield was acquired by his nephew Richard Hamilton, based in McLaren Vale. The winery retains its own individual identity and character to this day, representing the essence of the famous Coonawarra strip. The legacy of Sydney Hamilton, one of Australia's true winemaking legends, is very much alive in the form of Leconfield Coonawarra today.

The Leconfield vineyards occupy some of the Coonawarra's richest Terra Rossa soil over Limestone, a composition for which Coonawarra is famous. Original plantings were to the classic variety Cabernet Sauvignon, however Sydney saved a small section of the best soils for Riesling cuttings he had sourced from Happy Valley in Adelaide. This enabled him to continue producing a small amount of dry white wine in the style for which he had become famous.

Leconfield winery is situated in the southern half of the Coonawarra strip

Fittingly, following a string of wine show successes, the Leconfield Riesling has once again returned to the rightful place that Sydney held for this wine when realising his dream nearly thirty years ago. Subsequent plantings of Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Franc have been made to the vineyard, completing a range of wines which shows the best of what the region has to offer, vintage after vintage. Although made in smaller volumes, the Merlot is extremely sought after and is consistently regarded as one of the best examples in the district

Proud owners Richard and Jette Hamilton are deeply committed to their family owned wine business. Their passion for quality is reflected in all aspects of the business, especially the vineyards and wines on which their reputation is built. A fifth generation vigneron and wine producer, Richard is the great, great grandson of English settler Richard Hamilton, who brought grapevines to the new colony of South Australia in 1837. Establishing their first vineyards at Marion, the Hamilton family were pioneers of the Australian wine industry, and have continuously owned and operated vineyards and wineries in South Australia for 168 years since then.

Richard's interest in all aspects of the wine industry started at an early age when he worked in the family's Sturt River vineyards and winery. Over the years, this interest became a passion and in his early twenties Richard decided to realise his dream of establishing a winery, doing so in the foothills of Willunga at McLaren Vale. In December 2001, Paul Gordon joined the Leconfield team as Senior Winemaker. With over twenty-three years' winemaking experience and an enviable reputation, Paul has a long list of achievements, including the 1994 Jimmy Watson Trophy. Paul plays a key role in the future direction and development of the wines bearing the Richard Hamilton and Leconfield labels.

After five generations
of Rutherglen viticulture and unprecedented success at international competitions, David Morris has emerged as one of Australia's most outstanding winemakers
Morris Wines, established in 1859, is the continuing story of five generations of family winemakers. George Francis Morris established his vineyard and winery near Rutherglen in North Eastern Victoria. He planted a trial vineyard plot of ten acres at Fairfield two miles east of the current Morris Mia Mia winery location. By 1885 Morris planting's had grown to over 200 acres making them the largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere. By the late 1890s the devastating spread of Phyloxera, an aphidlike insect that attacks and kills vines, crippled the Rutherglen district.

In 1897 Charles Hughes Morris, son of George, established a new vineyard at Mia Mia only a few kilometres away from the original Morris plantings. Selling his prize-winning horse, Fairfield, to develop the property, the Morris winemaking tradition continued and the image of the show jumping horse would become the company trademark. In 1917 disaster struck again, due to the devastating spread of Phyloxera, the Morris Fairfield Estate and Winery was sold.

In the 1930s Charles Hugh's eldest son, Charles Tempest Morris took over the operations, guiding the business through an era of depression and war that saw immense changes in the growing Australian wine industry. Plantings and production were expanded, and son Charles Henry Mick was introduced to the philosophies and traditions of Morris winemaking.

Mick Morris was the first family winemaker to be university educated and returned to Rutherglen to commence his first official vintage as winemaker in 1953. In 1993, Mick's son, David, became the fifth generation winemaker, he is still currently reigning at Morris Wines. Combining 145 years of winemaking tradition with modern techniques David is the most awarded winemaker in Australia.

Morris is renowned and highly acclaimed for it's production of luscious fortified wines with long cellaring potential. The Morris premium muscats and tokays are one of Australia's great secrets and are highly prized by overseas drinkers in the know. The demand for these amazing fortified wines within Australia has been so great that exports have been very limited. Their success has tended to obscure the fact that Morris is also a producer of a limited range of premium table wines. Durif was one of the notable varietals planted in the 1920s. Morris is now renowned for their big Durif wine, and some might say that it has almost as much character as Mick Morris himself.

The corrugated iron winery, with its wax-lined concrete fermenting vats and ancient equipment, is a true icon of Australian design, capturing the essence of the 1897 winery. Located within the heart of the winery, the atrium style Cellar Door was designed by legendary Australian architect Robyn Boyd and constructed in 1972. Offering views of the century old storage casks and famous dirt floors, the Cellar Door provides an up close experience to the making of world famous wines. It's a link with the past, those good old days when Rutherglen provided two thirds of Victoria's wine, and Victoria in turn provided two thirds of Australia's total wine production until it was wiped out by phylloxera at the turn of the last century.

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