Devils Corner Pinot Noir
Tamar Ridge have earmarked some of their finest Kayena Vineyard fruit for the Devil's Corner
A Pure Crisp and rejuvenating wine displaying vibrant Pinot Noir varietal characters and remarkable approachability Choice parcels selected from estate blocks along the east coast of the apple isle contribute balance and complexity. Fruit driven and redolent with juicy red cherry/ berry flavours, an eager to please, fully integrated wine with supple oak and gentle tannins.
Rutherglen Fine Old Muscat 375ml
Unlabelled but not without a breathtaking amount of critical acclaim
Fine Old Muscat By One Of The Most Esteemed Artisanal Rutherglen estates A favourite of the international wine industry press, she may be demurely attired but her endowments are cherished by discerning enthusiasts around the globe. The fruit of Rutherglen's oldest and most distinguished old vineyards is treated to an old world style of vinification, arrested before completion by the addition of a neutral liquor, followed by an extended term of maturation in a selection of the finest seasoned oak casks.
Henschke Keyneton Estate Euphonium 2009
The historic village of Keyneton and it's surrounds had been a home for up to seven wineries in the days of early settlement
Keyneton Was A Strong Cultural Focus For Early Pioneers Such as the Henschke Family Brass Band This musical ensemble survived generations and featured wonderful wind instruments such as a B flat euphonium, cornet and E flat clarinet, which have all been restored and remain proudly within Henschke family hands. A complex cepage of Shiraz and Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, grown to exceptional terroirs in Valleys Eden and Barossa.
Bidgeebong Triangle Chardonnay THE BIDGEEBONG TRIANGLE ENCOMPASSES THREE DISTINCT DISTRICTS, Tumbarumba at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Hilltops and the Murrumbidgee plain around Gundagai. A vibrantly fruit driven, easy drinking cool climate Chardonnay, the finish is long and lingering.
Saltram The Eighth Maker Jimmy Watson Shiraz 2002 WINNER OF THE 2003 JIMMY WATSON TROPHY, the most hotly contested since the extraordinary 1998 vintage. Growing season 2002 produced some of the most spectacular wines in living memory. Temperatures were some of the coolest on record, allowing the old vines to slowly and steadily ripen some of the most intense, rich and well structured grapes ever harvested. Launched at a very special black tie dinner at Queen's Hall, Eighth Maker is brimming with complex fruit, spice and earth characters, a reflection of the unique soil profiles and age of vines.
Hungerford Hill Vinefire Shiraz FROM THE EARLIEST DAYS OF VITICULTURE, farmhands would prune vines each winter to ensure a good crop of grapes the following season. They discovered that meats grilled over the discarded canes acquired a unique, slightly sweet smoky flavour. All across Europe, the burning of vine canes became a midwinter festival. The team at Hungerford Hill have revived this ancient tradition, a celebration of the synergy between barbeques and good wine, Vinefire makes the perfect match to grilled meats and seafood, seared vegetables or fried rice.
Marius Simpatico Shiraz 2008 THE ENTHUSIASTIC TEAM AT MARIUS ARE FOCUSED PURELY ON GROWING THE BEST POSSIBLE FRUIT AND RETAINING THE PICK OF THE HARVEST, with a view to making the best possible wine from these choice grapes. Wines of integrity which can best define the character of Shiraz grown to a unique terroir. To let the vineyard speak.
Some people have
a little trouble finding Chambers Rosewood, a very relaxed family owned winery established in 1858 and operated by the legendary Bill Chambers and his son Stephen, the 6th generation of this family to make wine at Rosewood
New visitors are constantly astounded by the extensive offerings of reasonably priced red and white wines, Sherries and Ports, while those who have been before are reassured that value for money is still very much the norm at Chambers. Internationally acclaimed for Muscats, Tokays and other fortified wines, Chambers Rosewood have a comprehensive range of wines to suit every palate and budget with everything from cleanskin wines to 2 litre flagons and bulk wines on offer.
 Chambers Rosewood

You can travel down Barkly Street Rutherglen and not even notice the tiny little winery housed in a collection of corrugated iron sheds, yet Chambers Rosewood is internationally acclaimed. Afficianados of Australian fortifieds could easily be forgiven for not realising that some of the world’s finest Muscat are produced here. This small, family operation was established by William Chambers in 1858 and has operated as a winery continuously ever since long enough for the sixth generation of Chambers to make wine here. The ancient rare cuvees date back to soleras from 1890, the non-irrigated vines, many of which are over eighty years old, produce low yields with wonderful concentrated flavours.

Much of the family documentation and historical information has been pieced together by Wendy Chambers. She was very pleased to uncover details pertaining to a pivotal character in the Chambers story. It now seems that the young Prussian man who lived on an adjoining property and shared his wine making experience with the first generation Chambers family, did not disappear without a trace. Anton Ruch has been acknowledged over the years for his contribution to the Chambers Rosewood story, a history rich in fascinating characters such as the third generation Chambers who was responsible for many early innovations laying the foundation for future generations.

Today, Chambers Rosewood may not be a flash place but it is undeniably memorable! You will also find homemade jams, pickles and the Tavenders range of gourmet dressings as well as Lyric Olive Oil - even wine infused chocolate at the rustic cellar door. A commitment to providing good wine, reasonable prices and excellent service is right in tune with modern styles. The Chambers family and staff thank those who appreciate their wines, for valuing their efforts and for rewarding merit with loyalty.

Delta Air Line’s globe-trotting customers can now enjoy the labours of the Chambers family who have been producing wine at their rustic Chambers Rosewood cellars in Rutherglen for the past 150 years. Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson selected just eight wines from more than 900 wines tasted and assessed to meet Delta's strict criteria for outstanding flavour, brand recognition, diversity and destination connection. Stephen Chambers believes this exposure to passengers enroute to more than 300 destinations, across 50 countries, proves that Rutherglen makes world-class wines.

In 1978, Brian
Stonier and his wife Noel established the Stonier vineyard in the coastal town of Merricks, one hour southeast of Melbourne, ten minutes from the challenging surf beaches of Bass Straight
Decades later, the name Stonier is widely recognised as a producer of exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. At the heart of Stonier lies a meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking. A desire to reflect the imprint of each site, through subtle variations in flavour and texture, interweaving these differences to form elegant wines of seamless complexity has earned Stonier a place amongst the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers in Australia. Stonier sources Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from over 150 acres across 5 selected sub-regions; Merricks North, Balnarring, Tuerong, Red Hill and at the estate vineyards in Merricks which span over 50 acres.

Due to the cool climate of the Mornington Peninsula, at each of these sub-regions North and North-East facing sites are favoured as they are protected from the prevailing sea winds whilst retaining maximum exposure to the sun. Stonier's focus on quality in the vineyards is most evident in Merricks where vineyard design and low vine density are prime factors in limiting crop levels to under 3 tonnes to the acre.

Grapes from each of the numerous vineyards are vinified separately to allow ultimate flexibility when finally blending the wine to form the two distinct styles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the Stonier Label and Stonier Reserve wines. An unswerving focus on style and structure ensures that the wines reflect the diverse flavours and texture of fruit sourced from across these five sub-regions without any one aroma or flavour dominating the final wine.

Stonier wines are acclaimed internationally amongst the finest styles of cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Australia. Stonier's pedigree includes such highlights as Trophies for the 1993 Reserve Pinot Noir and 1995 Reserve Chardonnay, and Decanter's Best New World Red Wine for the 1997 Reserve Pinot Noir.

Three particular vineyards have consistently provided low yield reserve quality fruit. They are located on the Stonier estate in Merricks and further north; warmer sites that face inland- protected from sea winds to maximise ripening potential. The climate and proximity to the sea affects each site differently and the distinctive flavours of the individual vineyards bring complexity to the Reserve blend. The Burgundian benchmark of individual vineyards and expression of site are the most interesting facet of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir production and therefore single vineyard wine has been a logical progression for Stonier. The aim is for typicity from vintage to vintage, rather than the blended complexity of the Reserve.

The Burgundian benchmark of individual vineyards and expression of site are the most interesting facet of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir production and therefore single vineyard wine has been a logical progression for Stonier. The aim is for typicity from vintage to vintage, rather than the blended complexity of the Reserve.

Yearning for adventure,
a sense of fun and escapism? Cartwheel takes you off the beaten track to the inspiring Margaret River and Great Southern regions
Cartwheel's premium wines embody the natural sophistication of Western Australia's unique landscape and environment. The Margaret River wine region is focused around the Margaret River Township, which is located 250km South-West of Perth on a large peninsula of the West Australian Coast. Margaret River has a temperate maritime climate that is typified by long dry summers and moderate but very wet winters. Rising only to an elevation of 90m, the soils are well-drained sandy loams over water retentive clay loam that eliminates the need for supplementary watering in summer.

Cartwheel makes flavoursome Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay as well as tangy, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. The reds are easy to appreciate and mature gracefully, while the whites offer fresh and lively with characters that capture the essence of the region.

Cartwheel's Great Southern source vineyards are located approximately 400km south of Perth. This region is bordered by the Great Southern Ocean, the gradient of the land is generally uniform and the region as a whole is gently undulating. The climate is a maritime one, typified by cool dry summers and cool wet winters. The soil is such that small amounts of supplementary irrigation can be required during dry seasons.

Sam Glaetzer's father Colin, is one of Australia's most celebrated winemakers, while his uncle is well-known Wolf Blass legend John Glaetzer

Winemaker Sam Glaetzer leads the Cartwheel winemaking team, bringing with him a wealth of award winning experience and the talent that has become synonymous with the Glaetzer name in Australian winemaking circles. Sam Glaetzer is a winemaker with an unmistakable pedigree. Born in South Australia's Mt Gambier in 1974, Sam grew up amongst winemakers of an extremely high-calibre.

During his youth Sam lived in such renowned wine growing areas as Rutherglen, the Barossa Valley and Great Western. Due to this constant exposure to the highs and lows of life as a winemaker and despite completing qualifications as an engineer, Sam decided to continue the Glaetzer family traditition and completed the world-famous Roseworthy winemaking course at Adelaide University.

While at university, Sam worked as a cellarhand at Barossa Valley Estates and went on to various roles within Beringer Blass, using his engineering background to become Environmental Engineer and working through to his current position as one of the Senior Winemakers. Sam has a desire to make wines that consumers the world-over can enjoy, and is well on the way to achieving this goal with the release of the new Cartwheel range.

The confluence of
the might Wairau and Waihopai rivers is the site of the Braided River vineyards in Marlborough
Created over thousands of years, these vineyards showcase perfect soil structures and microclimates that consistently produce grapes with concentrated flavours and excellent varietal expression.
 Braided River

The river rocks, stones and free draining alluvial loams over gravelly sub soils of Braided River's Marlborough vineyards restrict the root and shoot growth of the vines. This allows the viticulturist to manage the vines in a controlled fashion to keep the vine in balance and thus focus the vines energy into the fruit ripening process.

The end result is grapes with concentrated, ripe-flavours and aromas with excellent varietal expression. The depth of character of the fruit handed on to the winemaker is outstanding.

WARNING Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years. The penalty exceeds $6,000
It is an offence for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. The penalty exceeds $500. Liquor Licence 51409215

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